Heal Your Heart

Awaken Your Life

Do you want to LET GO of the past, allow healing in, and OPEN your intuition to exciting new territory? With simple and powerful wisdom about forgiveness and healing, you can shine the light that you are with JOY.

“Ana Holub’s perspective and wisdom on forgiveness has the power to change your life at the deepest level. Buckle up. She is an amazing, gentle, profound writer.” – Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird and Traveling Mercies

Come on HOME

Do you yearn to feel at peace in your own skin? Do you have pain from the past that you wish you could get rid of?

I’ve spent 20 years studying and teaching forgiveness, meditation and peace education. I’ve discovered how to clear my mind and heart with the most effective inner practices, and I offer everything I’ve learned to help YOU find your own inner Teacher.


Thousands of my clients and students have experienced the joy that comes with letting go and receiving the Light within.


Intimate and profound, a private session will open your heart and bring light to your soul. Learn practical tools to help you LET GO of the past and jump into the river of LOVE! For Individuals, Couples, Families and Mediation for Groups.


Courses on Healing and Awakening: Forgiveness, Addiction Recovery, Ancestral Healing and more. Learn at your own pace in the privacy of your home or office.


I offer personalized pre and post medicine journey sessions for healing and mystical expansion. Contact me for a confidential chat.


Enjoy books, guided meditations, videos, podcast interviews, songs and poems, offered to uplift your day and open your awareness to the Divine within.

Everything I do with my clients is geared toward self-knowledge, releasing fear and pain, and deepening intuitive wisdom. I include inspirations from A Course in Miracles, breath awareness, and reception of inner light for healing. This work involves the whole person – body, heart, mind and soul.


“Since my session with you, I’ve experienced shifts which have brought me divine peace, acceptance and, most significantly, deeper compassion. 

Ana, your process/technique is exquisite! Thank you for the Light and Love you radiate. You are such a blessing to this world.” — Suzy D., Oregon

This work is grounded and practical! I spent years teaching violence prevention to inmates in San Quentin and restorative justice to incarcerated teens. My deep devotion is non-religious and open to all, and my New Jersey girl no-shit honesty keeps my feet firmly on the ground.

You can learn to open up to Spirit and stay grounded at the same time. I will show you how to dance happily in the Middle Way, where inner balance will bring  you purpose and effectiveness in the world.

Feeling Open and Full of Light

“Wow…I feel lighter and I am able to speak my truth so much easier and more calmly. I have less fear. I am open and flowing…very exciting. Thank you so much.” — Tracy Tober, Ashland OR


Quiet Joy and Curiosity

“I’m feeling a quiet joy, and I notice that fear and anxiety are not running the show. Curiosity has taken their place.” — KK, Boulder, CO


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