Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic medicines can heal traumatic memories, addictions, and PTSD and expand your mind and heart into new territories of awareness. Integrating your new awareness into your everyday life is essential for long-lasting healing.

I help you prepare and integrate a psychedelic journey for the best possible outcome.

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Psychedelic journeys using ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, ibogaine, or MDMA are powerful explorations that take you deep into your psyche. With the help of these medicines, you can heal internal wounds and discover exciting new passions and purpose.

When used with mindfulness and a desire for healing, psychedelic substances are sometimes called ENTHEOGENS, a term derived from the Greek ‘entheos’, meaning “God (theos) within.” The mission of a true entheogen is to uplift you and give you a direct experience of the oneness of Life.

Modern scientific research is proving what indigenous societies already know: psychedelic medicines are catalysts that give us access to our inner wisdom. They need respect and a safe setting to do their work properly. They are powerful agents for spiritual awakening and finding your purpose in life. They can also help you heal addictions, anxiety, PTSD, fear of death and more.

This path is not for everyone. Find out more about current psychedelic research here:

Psychedelic Integration Counseling

If you feel that psychedelic medicine is for you, I will help you to prepare before your psychedelic journey, so you have the safest experience with the best possible outcome. If needed, I can assist you in finding out which medicine could be best for your unique situation. I have personal experience with many, but not all, entheogenic medicines currently being used in the “psychedelic renaissance.” I do not provide any medicines.

I also support you with counseling after your experience, so that you can integrate what you learned into your everyday life. This integration is essential for you to get the most profound healing.

After your medicine journey, your life will change in powerful ways and set you on a path to vibrant health and inner peace.

Please let me know if you’d like to set up a free consultation to explore your needs and see if if feels right to work together. All inquiries are confidential.