Release the past and connect with the beauty of your inner nature.


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“Why Forgiving Someone Else Is Really About You.” 

“Ana Holub’s perspective and wisdom on forgiveness has the power to change your life at the deepest level. Buckle up.”
– Anne Lamott, author of Bird by Bird and Traveling Mercies



Curious about the psychedelic renaissance?  Medicines such as MDMA, ayahuasca, psilocybin, ibogaine, and ketamine have been scientifically proven to lower addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. Get personalized support to infuse the highest wisdom of your psychedelic journey into your everyday life.




Intimate and profound, a forgiveness session will open your heart and bring light to your soul. Learn practical tools to help you LET GO of the past and jump into the river of LOVE! These sessions are perfect for you if you suffer from traumatic memories and want to be free. For individuals, couples, and families, plus mediation for groups.



If we don’t let go of the hardships and trauma in our lives, we’ll self-medicate in various ways. We’ll try to fill the gaping hole of our pain with alcohol, food, opiates, work, shopping, sex…and countless other strategies. Yet none of them will work. For true healing, we need to get to the root of how our addictions began in the first place.


“Ana, it is only today that I became aware of the most powerful moment of yesterday’s forgiveness workshop. It was that small glimpse of infinity, of oneness. I sobbed with joy as the realization of this ineffable perfection/pattern/interplay became even more immediate and the glimpse became a point of view from which all life is totally magical. There is nothing to fear, truly. I feel so incredibly alive and powerful and grateful and joyful today! Blessed and full of possibilities! Thank you so much again for the gifts you gave all of us yesterday, and most particularly for the special gift to me that arrived fully today.” — Karen, workshop participant

“The work I did with you was fantastic and helped me navigate some very difficult times.— Ryan in New York City

“Since your lessons on forgiveness I realize I have lived an egocentric life. I have had a pain on my upper back and between shoulders since the beginning of this year. I couldn’t sleep at night. When I did my forgiveness list, I have never felt that way in my life. I got very hot and the pain on my shoulders felt like someone has just removed a very big stone. I was very exhausted felt like sleeping but I was just overwhelmed with wonder and disbelief of what had just happened. I’m free and I am very grateful to you.— Pat in South Africa

“Wow, I feel lighter and I’m able to speak my truth so much more easily and calmly. I have less fear. I’m open and flowing – it’s very exciting!” — Tracy T, Oregon

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